We Came. We Saw. We Cleaned. In 3 Easy Steps.

Mo' Stuff, Mo' Problems

FYI - We are closet. cleaning. pros. We have our team lined up. Twice a year. We've managed to cut the process in half over time. An organized walk-in is the KEY to an efficient daily routine. AMIRIGHT?


Line up your garbage bags/boxes, whatever. This is key to not getting distracted by wandering into other rooms.

Label them: DONATE, TOSS, SELL, GIVE TO SISTER-IN-LAW. Again, whatever.

Separate all your favorites first, then go through what's left.

Anything you wouldn't walk into the store and purchase today is OUT.

Anything you haven't worn in the past year gets the boot.  

Anything stained gets donated.

Anything ill-fitting is cut or taken to the tailor.

No second thoughts necessary.  Put everything remaining back in the closet in an orderly fashion.


Now you can see everything clearly!  What's left?

Figure out how you use your space.

Shoes not working underneath your hanging clothes?

Get shelves and get organized. Outfit the space for your outfits efficiently.


Schedule a donation pick-up.

Pack up the box.

Sell the clothes.

Enjoy more space with less clutter.