2016 Trend Predictions...

What we're seeing when we look into the future...

Muted Palettes

As the outside world becomes bolder, a soothing, calming retreat will be incredibly desirable.

Vintage Accents

Mixing the old with the new won't be unique to 2016, but the interior design world will continue this eclectic trend for good reason.

Scandinavian Flatweaves

We're voting geometric prints + organic edges as our 2016 "couple(ing) of the year".

Sophisticated Contrast

Going bold doesn't have to mean mixing intimidating patterns or sticking strictly to black and white.  Make a statement with contrasting details this year.

Soft Edges

Make your modern home functional and comfortable. Modern design isn't limited to hard edges and square shapes with faceted sides.  This year, trendsetters will show you how to incorporate rounder furniture into your modern look.


Functional, clean and simple will be taken from the runway to the home in the upcoming year. Fussy interiors are so 2015.

Natural Materials

As we become more environmentally aware, locally sourced natural products (think: bamboo window treatments & butcher blocks) will become more and more popular come 2016.

Organic Patterns

Classic and contemporary, yet still graphic and bold: organic patterns with clean lines (but not perfect lines!) are what we're craving for the new year.

READ: No. More. Chevron. Please. SEE: Scandinavian flatweaves above.