The Greater Debate - Part II

Is it even a Birkin OR a Kelly?

Secondary sellers are making this a common question.

Here's how you know:


The stitching should be diagonal, not horizontal. Uphill!

Notice any deviation in the stitching.  It should be neat and consistent.  No loose ends!

Saddle stitching only.


Make sure the hardware gets cold - otherwise it could be plastic!

When you twist the toggle on the bag, it should open smoothly. There should be zero resistance.

The paint application should be flawless.

They should stand up straight and tall.  The bag’s shape is crisp and pronounced.


The front logo should be close to the seam, straight, and light in application.


Once you undo the lock and pull back the arm, there should be a blind stamp and an artisan stamp.   The stamps identify the artisan who made the bag and the year it was made. 


The stamp should be faint - indicating it was imprinted manually and not by a machine. 


Hermès makes its own zippers that feature the Hermès name. 


The clasp should read HERMES-PARIS.


The authentic bag has a slight indented contour above the seam.

The stamp color should match the hardware color.

The lining color of your bag should match the options on the Hermes site.

The dust bag and rain cover should be included with your purchase.



Think you can spot a bogus Birkin now?