Watt's the Deal?

SO we know our size in Frame Denim. We know our size in J Brand. But then Imogene + Willie came out and we had NO. IDEA. WHERE. TO. START. Should we order up a size? Down a size? We ordered them all.

That's how we felt about LEDs after a lifetime of incandescents. 

How are we supposed to know what wattage to buy in LED to keep our makeup on point?

BEHOLD: your lighting guide.  This is where our worlds collide.

Here's the deal: LEDs will save you money and C02 emissions. You can afford the new jeans and get the new lights without burning a hole in the ozone layer.  You'll thank us later when the mood in your apartment (and your makeup, outfit, and air) is flawless.

Now let's talk color. Because who actually knows what number Kelvins to purchase? Or did they mean #mycalvins? We'll take whatever Kendall wears.

Bookmark us.  You're welcome.